Abstract Realm

1000 one-of-one JavaScript generated NFT art pieces stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Community first

The Abstract Realm is centered around our community. We seek to empower them in all we do whether it's community voting to select the charities we support or holders' input on future collections.

Real Life Events

Ever wished you could be a part of something greater? Imagine helping save the world with your own two hands by planting trees. Abstract Realm will organize tree planting events in choice locations. We will also plan events to expand our reach beyond a purely digital experience to bring us together into one united consciousness.

Genesis Art Upgrade

Abstract Realm genesis holders will be rewarded with 3D generative animated versions of their unique art piece.

NFT displays

AR will collaborate with the latest and greatest NFT display providers to showcase our art on the highest quality screens accessible today and into the future.


All holders will receive exclusive clothing, accessories, and other items. AR will be using environmentally friendly clothing and items to ensure we do not leave a negative impact on our precious planet.

Airdrop to future collection

Each of the 1,000 genesis owners will receive a free mint to a future collection.


A portion of secondary sales will go towards One Tree Planted which is a nonprofit charity on a mission to help the environment by planting trees.


Each Abstract Realm piece is indeed its own land. The journey progresses through the 1,000 genesis art pieces. Prepare to open up navigable landscapes with corridors and portals into other community realms. You are the keyholder.



Founder & Digital Artist

MVG Hells

Community Manager

One Tree Planted

Charity Partner


What is the total supply of Abstract Realm?

There are 1000 NFTs in total

When did Abstract Realm launch?

Abstract Realm minted on October 4th.

What was the mint price?

WL was given a Free Mint, while the public price was 0.05 eth.

What was the maximum amount of NFTs a person can mint?

Whitelist members could mint 1 whereas public sale allowed 3 per transaction.

How many people were allowed in the whitelist sale?

Only 500 people were able to participate in our whitelist sale.

Are there secondary sales royalties?

Yes, OpenSea royalties will be used to build the Abstract Realm fund, improve marketing, and assure continued growth to provide value to holders, with 10% of all royalties going to charity.

Abstract Realm